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Applied too loosely and the reduced breathing support can cause a loss of oxygenation and lead to brain injury or even death

Applied too tightly and the mask can cause permanent facial scarring.

Checking and maintaining the mask is time consuming and laborious - giving nurses less time to spend on other aspects of infant care.

The Problem

Over 15 million infants are born prematurely every year worldwide who require life saving breathing support.


CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is a popular method of breathing support that is non-invasive and effective.

But for CPAP to work the mask needs to be applied correctly.

   The Solution

A continuous monitoring system that makes breathing support safer for preterm infants.

CPAP Buddy is a monitoring device that provides continuous real-time feedback of the quality of the CPAP mask application - measuring both the airway support pressure, and the mask-skin contact pressure.

CPAP Buddy is an early warning system for nurses caring for infants on CPAP support.

Helping Babies Breathe Better

Detection & early warning of issues with mask application

Reduction in nurse workload

Improved patient outcomes

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